Live! Beverly

Together, we’re making Beverly strong

Beverly’s underlying strengths make it an attractive destination for young professionals, families, empty nesters, and many others. Beverly Crossing is bringing these different groups to the city with high quality, market-rate apartment communities. These communities create new demand for the restaurants, retailers, and other services that will contribute to Beverly’s revitalization and transformation. Working as a long-term, collaborative partner, Beverly Crossing will help build a strong, vibrant, interconnected city for new arrivals, long time residents, and every member of the community.


A collaborative partner with an eye on the future

Beverly Crossing partners closely with the city’s local government and shares its vision for a vibrant, growing Beverly. The company works honestly, openly, and collaboratively with municipal leaders, and is committed to serving as a long-term partner and contributor to the city’s revitalization.

A few of Beverly’s key attributes

• Rich history • Down-to-earth-people • Scenic beauty • Convenient Mass Transit • Easy highway access • Great beaches • Growing industrial parks • New schools • Quality higher education • Burgeoning Arts Community • Route 1A Improvement • Excellent private schools • High quality health care • Airport! • New industry • Active “Beverly Main Streets” • Underutilized MBTA Parking Garage

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